Appomattox: A Quick One


I’m cutting into a very short amount of time allotted for writing, so this’ll be quick—I talked to a woman today who was telling me about how hard her first job was, how long the commute was, and it came up that her parents had bought her the car. Her parents. Had bought her the car.

People don’t…

I agree with just about everything Sam says here. I have been thinking a whole lot about entitlement lately. A handful (probably more) of friends, acquaintances, classmates, whathaveyou have recently graduated from college. Ah yes, an undergraduate degree for which to take on the world. But no, I think I will just stay in Boston. I think I will continue to live off of my parents in an apartment I don’t pay for, drinking drinks I can’t afford, and tweeting about it from my iPhone that I also do not pay for…

Perhaps part of this is a bit of resentment. It’s a strange feeling to work over forty hours a week for a month only to receive x amount of dollars which, in turn, goes towards rent, and car payments, and groceries, and gas. I could totally go for an all expenses paid life. 

But could I really?* It’s the oh-my-god-how-can-you-continue-to-be-a-financial-burden-to-your-parents-and-think-nothing-of-it feeling I get when I hear about all of these people. I really don’t understand. Don’t you want to make something of yourself? Don’t you want to DO and LEARN and GROW?

It makes me incredibly uneasy to see so many of my peers consuming without contributing.