30 Day Video Challenge Non-Video

12/30 Talk about your favourite tv show.
13/30 Your favourite songs.
14/30 Favourite drink, food, number, colour.

I love Mad Men. I love Parks and Rec. I love LOST, still (I know, I know!). Downton Abbey is my shiiiiib. Speaking of shib, Workaholics is phenomenal. Big fan of GIRLS so far. I’m a big fan of the ol’ watch-a-series-after-it-has-already-ended. 

This is hard because it changes so frequently. With this new job I have been listening to a shit ton of music on my way to and from work. My CD player currently contains Funeral by Arcade Fire and yesterday my favorite song was this

  • tequila // water // tea // oj
  • avocado, in its various forms
  • thirteen
  • orange